Deniera Burks

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm "always working on something".   Always 

creative, I am eternally inquisitive, always learning, teaching, helping, researching, 

and best of all...doing.


No stranger to change, or the DIY world, I've lived and worked in many states and 

my 30+ years in the corporate environment  gave me the foundation to help launch 

my many businesses (can anyone say "serial entrepreneur?).

In 2004 I launched a DIY Home Décor business which enjoyed moderate success with appearances on ABC Ch. 7 & Fox 32 and CLTV.  I had created a Bath & Body line when a fellow vendor suggested a partnership that would allow us to sell our products in a boutique environment.  This piqued my interest as it could help other vendors who needed a "storefront presence" for their products as well.


I soon realized that retail was not "my thing" as it did not allow time for creativity, hence; it was time for me to move on.  Enter Etsy, the online handmade marketplace which allowed me the opportunity to be creative and sell my designs.  I currently operate 3 Etsy stores and enjoy the opportunity to be creative and sell my products.  I'm also in the process of opening a 4th Etsy store which will focus on my love for Bath & Body & Home Fragrance products.


Circle back to today and Social Media is allowing me to showcase my products again as I now enter a new realm of DIYers.  My new venture, 'Sip & DIY' is a new concept that allows me to travel to different venues to offer various DIY classes and workshops.  With all of the do it yourself canvas painting events, I decided that my many creative DIY ideas could be offered to those seeking fun projects as well.  There are so many 1-3 hour DIY projects that can yield big results that I couldn't resist throwing my hat back into the DIY world.  “Handmade feel with a Retail Appeal” is my motto.

Easily bored if I'm not learning, you'll find me either completing my Etsy orders, researching products, or watching something informational and/or educational on YouTube.  I love what I do and I'm interested in the process of just about anything for 5 minutes which is ample time to assess my 'genuine' interest.


My life is a reflection of a quote from the late Wayne Dyer....I have a mind that's Open to Everything and Attached to Nothing.

You can find me across all Social Media platforms, and my Etsy shops.





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