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Deniera Burks

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm "always working on something". Always creative, I am eternally inquisitive...always learning, teaching, helping, researching, and best of all...doing.


No stranger to change, or the DIY world, I've lived and worked in many states and my 30+ years in the corporate environment gave me the foundation to launch my many businesses (for some reason, "serial entrepreneur comes to mind...hmmm).

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Deniera Burks
Deniera Burks

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In 2004 I launched a DIY Home Décor business which enjoyed moderate

success with appearances on ABC Ch. 7 & Fox 32 and CLTV.  I had

created a Bath & Body line when a fellow vendor suggested a partnership that would allow us to sell our products in a boutique environment.  I soon realized that retail was not "my thing" as it did not allow time for creativity, hence; it was time for me to move on.  I started selling on Etsy which allowed me the opportunity to be creative and sell my designs.  I currently operate 4 Etsy stores and manage 2 YouTube channels.  I enjoy the opportunity to be creative and sell my products as well as helping others "unlock" their creative abilities. Helping you create a “Handmade feel with a Retail Appeal” is my motto.

Easily bored if I'm not learning, you'll find me either completing my Etsy orders, researching & preparing for class projects, creating new designs, or watching something informational and/or educational on YouTube.  I love what I do and I'm always interested in learning, growing and most of all...DOING.  The fiber of my being stems from a quote from the late Wayne Dyer which is keeping a "Mind that's open to everything and attached to nothing".

You can find me across all Social Media platforms, and my Etsy shops.








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