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Most of our projects are available as finished projects/products, .svg files to purchase and do-it-yourself kits.  Each category of products will direct you to one of our corresponding Etsy stores.

Finished products:

These products are finshed and ready to hang and display.  You can choose your colors based on your personal style & decor.

Click here to view finished products.

SVG Files:

These .svg files include downloadable designs for you to cut with your Laser or CNC machine.  No physical file will be sent to you.  You may sell what you make from these files, however, you may NOT sell the file itself.

Click here to view SVG Files

Supplies, Tools & Templates:

These products help make your wreath making journey easier .

Click here to view supplies 

DIY Kits:

These products include unfinished, unpainted pre-cut wood kits for you to paint and complete yourself.  Perfect for people who want to paint their own projects or who can't make it to one of our events.  Also great for anyone who needs an "activity" for their event and/or gathering.  You supply all accesories such as paint, brushes, ribbon, etc.  Instructions are included with all kits.

Coming Soon.

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